The Top 7 Psychological Traps to Watch Out For

In Litigation and Mediation

Hosted by
Joshua Fruchter, Esq.

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July 21st
12:30 EDT

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What You'll Learn

Among other topics, attendees will learn:

:: Why familiarity with psychological traps and cognitive biases can spell the difference between success and failure in settlement negotiations and mediations.

:: How falling victim to confirmation bias cost one insurance company over $7 million in damages.

:: What buying chocolate bars from Boy Scouts has to do with breaking impasses in negotiations and mediations

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About the Presenter

Josh is a principal of Merge Mediation Group, an innovative mediation boutique that offers a unique risk-sharing, psychology-based approach to dispute resolution.

Josh earned his J.D. from NYU School of Law in 1993, and has been practicing law in New York since 1994. He also has advanced commercial mediation training.

Josh has been negotiating settlements and resolving disputes for over 25 years.

As a bankruptcy attorney at Kaye Scholer (now Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer), Josh regularly resolved disputes between debtors and creditors in high stakes Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

Josh also served as the co-founder and general counsel at a family-owned online marketing agency that provided email marketing, and website and blog design and development services to over 200 clients. In that capacity, he regularly negotiated agreements with customers, vendors and channel partners. After several years, he also worked with family members to restructure the business to address evolving family dynamics.

In 2011, Joshua co-founded Wohl & Fruchter LLP, a plaintiff’s-side securities class action firm. Since its founding, the firm and its co-counsel have recovered over $335 million for clients, primarily via settlements negotiated through mediations.

As a mediator, Joshua has resolved multiple private family and real estate disputes..

July 21st
12:30 EDT